Safe Power Network for Power Utilities

safe power network

Safe Power Network (SPN) is a new technology designed and owned by meshnet that provides Power Utility Network companies with actionable reports associated with the stability and environmental conditions of each power pole.

As an example, over a 50 year pole life, current practice will see 13 intrusive pole stability inspections. With SPN, pole stability is measured over 5,000,000 times per pole over the same duration.


  • Monitors power pole stability and environmental conditions
  • Decreases physical and manual inspection
  • Creates an early warning predictive system  for unstable poles
  • Allows targeted pole strengthening or  replacement
  • Dramatically lowers pole initiated  bushfires and power outages
  • Enhances capacity through the network


The Safe Power Network (SPN) instrument measures lean angle of pole, wind speed and direction and air temperature
meshnet algorithms calculates the wind force on the pole, and the contributing portion of the cross section of the pole at the pole base.

From this, the remaining pole strength is calculated, both as a pole tip force and the moment at the base of the pole.

Asset Knowledge – 5-minute samples
The power of big data – know the condition of each of the power poles in the network. Receive Alerts in Near Real Time (NRT)

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